Yoshinori NIWA

Performances, Interventions
Withdrawing Adolf Hitler from a Private Space
Pricing Own Belongings at the Market
Walking around the table and the apartment in Vienna
Resending Postcards Once Sent Off During the Cold War to the Mail Recipients
Notifying today's news to an artificial intelignce
Forcing People to Speak About What They Don’t Understand
Paying a Courtesy Call on the Incumbent Mayor by all His Predecessors in History
The Younger Ones Educate The Older Ones
Cheering Sakae Osugi at his birthplace
Embroidering Names on Shirts, Names of Machine Operators Themselves
Integrate Karl Marx Street
Donating Money to People in Manila Without Being Noticed
Selling the Right to Name a Pile of Garbage
Making a Political Speech Intentionally Translated With a Different Meaning
Requesting people in Taiwan who I met by chance to declare if they die, Taiwan will disappear
Proposing to Hold Up Karl Marx to the Japanese Communist Party
Celebrating Karl Marx’s birthday with Japanese Communist Party
Asking Taiwanese to sing national anthem of Republic of China while listening national anthem of People’s Republic of China
Piling Rocks from the Seabed on the Summit of Mount Hakkouda
Duplicating My House Key and Distributing the Copies
Sweeping Up the Dust to the Prime Minister’s Office
Holding the Policeman in Front of the Diet Buildin
Marching from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Top of Mt. Fuji in Demonstration
Transferring puddle A to puddle B (2012)
Depositing All the Money in My Pocket on the Street
Applauding Bears in Berne
Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments
Walk in the Opposite Direction of a Demonstration Parade
Purchasing My Own Belongings Again in the Downtown
Exchanging between Turkish Lire and Euros in Istanbul Until there is Nothing Left
Tossing socialists in the air in Romania
A bear goes to the zoo to see bears
Communicating with thieves
Make Tama Art University PIKAPIKAPIKA
Going to San Francisco to dispose of my garbage
Transferring puddle A to puddle B (2004)
Press Articles